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Why is Halloween so big in the USA? Answered

I was wondering why its so big, me living in the UK i don see it like most Americans I'd also like to add i wish it was as big over here 'coz i personally love halloween


Its because its commercalized... the candy companies push it...

We have Guy Fawke's Night - get drunk with friends, set fire to meat, burn a big pile of wood, incinerate an effigy of somebody whose significance most people have forgotten, ignite the only explosives HMG will let us use freely, then spend the rest of the night in casualty without all our fingers. Much more wholesome that running the risk of a trip to the dentist...

Yay, i cant wait! if only a instructable on how to get underage alchohol was around...

Intro: Underage drinking is really dumb, but if you must do it, do it this way. Step 1: Find a hobo - If you can find a hobo with an ID, great. If not, try a legal adult that still hangs out with 14 year olds (myspace?) Step 2: Give them money- Fuh. Der. Tell them to buy alcohol. Step 3: Slap yourself - If you actually drink underage (besides the occasional sips to taste), then slap yourself, with a hot soldering iron. You deserve pain.

Underage alcohol ? Blech ! I don't touch Scotch that is less then 12 years old LOL

| have had Irish whiskey, and although I don't drink much nor very often, I believe it is much smoother as is a good rum, still I wouldn't care for any "underaged" stuff ;-) .

Everyone has their likes and dislikes ;-) I happen to like the "taste" of more things - edible/drinkable than I dislike.

I was teasing.
Kind of playing on the "Scotch for real men, Wine-spritzers for the rest" kind of thing. *sorry*

This is a forum about Halloween and what are you two talking about? Alcohol. Its kind of funny really

Danny said about underage alcohol, and I ran with a pun (he meant getting alcohol while being underaged, but I purposely misinterpreted it as alcohol that was not aged properly..... :-) ) i.e. underaged.

none of you know what you're talking about. it's all in the wines, i'll tell you. and that has nothing to do with all the Italian blood running through my veins, no, nothing at all.

I get enough whine at home, don't need it here too LOL

i have a brother who can get served and a neibour who is 36 and lives with her parents, the only ways of gettin alchohol and i rob it from me parents

A teacher that gets drunk, and then burns things??? Tell me where to move, all the teachers here suck. (well, most of them)

You know what, I have no idea. I live in the USA and still don't understannd why Halloween is so big here.

Once the costumes are made / bought, Mom can either send the kids out with Dad, or take the kids out, and get away from Dad LOL I was never very big on candy (except dark chocolates *yum*) so Halloween and Easter were not my favs as a child.

Because it's fun.

I bet you just love to scare all the little kids. + P

I had a chain saw! For some reason I can have that on public property, but not an airsoft gun......

The only time I ever went trick or treating I went to this woman's house she was obviously rather unhappy that we were there and she was banging at the windows, swearing, insulting us and she even threw a small plate at us through the window so as a 'trick' I stole her garden gate! And I have never trick or treated since!

last year me and my friend got 2 carrier bags full of sweets, 1 each and a tub of pringles and 7 pounds each (equal to 14 bucks) now thats some going so say not many people answer the door or give you a lot

wow, I have never gotten money. Once I got an apple, but I didn't eat it.

I just can't even imagine how warped a person has to be to do that to a child.....I am just overwhelmed. :..-(

It is one of the reasons for bans on anything that is not hermetically sealed and impossible to be tampered with, without it being obvious.

Yeah, it happened. I remember hearing it on the news shortly after I became "too old to wear a mask". That was years ago. Since then, it seems a few people have gotten even sicker *sigh*

# Although food tampering is rare, inspect all your child's candy right away. Discard treats with loose wrappings, or anything that doesn't look quite right. Better safe than sorry!
# Ditto for homemade treats, unless you're friendly with the baker.
# Be extra careful with toddler's goodies. Remove all choking hazards or treats that are age-inappropriate-including hard candy and toys with small parts. (To avoid protests, you may wish to keep a surprise substitution on hand.)Safety tips

This is what took any fun out of the season for me.....
It is so sad....

Humph, in my day they gave out pennies.....but then, a lot of candy only cast a penny....30 pennies could make you deathly ill from all the candy *sigh*

I lifted it up out of the post holes- it was bust up anyway and her son stole the windscreen off my vintage Hilman-Imp.

He cut of my windscreen and stole it then his mother was unpleasant to me and my family so I stole their gate.

Meh, I think I would have gone with the classic smoke-bomb with a burning bag and rotten egg approach

That is an advantage to living in an area with lots of cows.....we don't use eggs LOL