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Why is OpenOffice failing on my computer? Answered

     I'm running the latest stable version of Ubuntu.  I have the entire OpenOffice.org office suite installed, and have reinstalled it several times, but every time I try to start any of the programs in the suite I get the startup window and then a message box appears that says:  OpenOffice.org 3.1  Fatal Error-- User interface language cannot be determined, and then the program closes down.  Any recommendations on how to fix this are welcome.  Thanks! 



Best Answer 8 years ago

Okay, try it again with the same commands but leave off the 3.1 designation at the end of the 2nd and 3rd lines.
I'll hang around for a few minutes to see if that works for you

Thanks!  OpenOffice works fine now.

You're welcome. Glad I could help.


8 years ago

Try this, open a terminal and copy and paste the following three commands one at a time and then click enter, then paste in the next one, then enter, then the third:

$ cd ~

$ sudo chown --reference=. -R .openoffice.org3.1

$ sudo chmod -R 0755 .openoffice.org3.1

That should take care of your problem.

Also, the same thing happens when I ignore the first error message and did the third command.

I did that, but after the I did the second command and entered my sudo password, I go the following error message:

chown: cannot access `.openoffice.org3.1': No such file or directory