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Why is everything italisized on my computer? and two operating systems Answered

Got on my computer (well family computer) today a lot of stuff is italisized. Not really a problem, just want to know why and how to fix it. Also how do you install 2 operating systems on one computer (like XP and Vista)?


here is a thing on how to dual boot xp and vista:

if you need any other operating system, like xp and ubuntu or something, just google for "dual boot <os> and <other os>" and you should get quite a few tutorials on it.

i recently put ubuntu on my XP computer with VMware Player

ive never used vmware. ive just always did a dual boot with it. except now. the new release is out, and i dont have a blank cd to put it on. i tried to upgrade and something went wrong, i havent felt like trying to fix it.

Some versions of Ubuntu can be put on a bootable CD also. That eliminates the problem of setting up a dual boot.


10 years ago

Maybe you just had your head tilted a bit.

Is it just online stuff? Check the settings for the default font, if it is.

. Right-click on the Desktop and select Properties. Check and see if someone has modified anything, particularly on the Appearance tab.

Since this thread wasn't italicized, I am assuming it was a "setting" where-ever you might have been typing ?