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Why is my battery pack melting?

I am new in electronics, and I am building an LED circuit with 2 AA batteries, green LED, and toggle switch. I put the batteries in the circuit (it's a 9v battery clip with a Two AA Battery holder) and it ran for a bit, then the bottom started to melt a bit. It is an older AA holder but the 9v clip is new. Is it because of the old component, switch, voltage, anything!

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iceng (author)2012-12-30

Somewhere you are drawing a heavy current easily fixed with
a sonic screwdriver..

Otherwise circuit drawing or two good pictures.


rickharris (author)iceng2012-12-31

Your battery is shorted or at best being required to provide excessive current. Does the LEd light?

More detail needed to fault find precisely.

iceng (author)rickharris2012-12-31

Hard to get yesterdays New member to even find their question let alone to actually be
detailed about AA 9Vbattery LED meltoids !

rickharris (author)iceng2012-12-31

mmm don't get me started!

steveastrouk (author)2012-12-30

Did you put a resistor in series with the LED ?