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Why is my internet slow? Answered

My question is deeper than what it says in the title. Ok, so to start, I have a gaming computer that I built myself. It has an AMD 8350 (Eight Cores @4Ghz) and a 1GB Radeon 7790. I have been using a cisco wireless usb stick. With that, I usually get around a 19ms ping from Western Mass to Boston. I usually get around a 16Mb/s download speed and 4.5Mb/s upload speed. I am fine with that. So I recently bought a Rosewill Wireless LAN PCI Card from newegg. It's model is RNX-N300X. It's CD came with a RALink software too. When I went to speedtest.net I only got 0.17Mbps download!!! My upload is a bit more with about 5.6Mbps. My ping is better too with about 15 or 16 ms ping. From a bit of slow research (Using this card) I found that one person was complaining with 50-75mbps because he usually gets 100-200. The responses suggested that it was because the card is for N type routers and not G type. The old usb stick I was using is also G type. But other responses claim that that doesn't matter and it simply is just the speed. So N should be faster, correct? My router is a Cisco E1200 which I believe is N type. I don't see the problem. Why is my download speed so terribly slow? Right now I will rely on my USB stick as I did before.



3 years ago

Due to any one of the following reasons your internet gets slow down;
1. Local network is overloaded
2. Malware or scareware on end users computers
3. Bad connection
Use the following tips to increase your internet speed :
1. Clear cookies from your browser
2. Close unwanted background tasks when you are working with the internet .
3. Scan your internet by using standard Anti-virus software
4. Reset your modem and reconnect with the internet.After that , you can test your internet speed by using Scanmyspeed.com to get better results .

Why don't you plug your computer to the router without using wireless? Use a ethernet cable and you won't have any interference from other electronics and you will be able to use the most of your internet speed. Also, it's cheaper as motherboards nowadays come with their own ethernet adaptor built-in and if yours doesn't they cost less than 10€


So there is the cause for your slow internet
Get the computer or the receiver closer to your router otherwise with all the obstacles in your house your internet won't be very fast.

I'm just marking it as defective and am going to return it or exchange it or something.

Have you checked for updated drivers? Often the driver on the CD are out dated.

Well you got the card from Newegg who has a great return policy. Rosewill is there store brand after all. Often times the brand doesn't put out the best of quality. So send it back as defective and stick with a wired solution. If it has to be wireless then stick with the USB adapter. An internal card isn't going to be any better or worst than the adapter. Even if you go from G to N all your really doing is improving available range. Sure N can be faster under ideal conditions but your probably not using the full bandwidth of G anyway.

N should allow a higher Mbps flow through rate than G, any firmware updates available for the E1200?. Your ping will lengthen or shorten depending on which DNS server you connect to at bootup. Try finding a DNS server closer to you and connect to that and speedtest again.