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[FAQ] Why isn't my Instructable showing up? Answered

Here is a question that is often asked on this site.

Why isn't my Instructable showing up in the Most Recents?
Well there could be a variety of reasons:
  • Be patient, it may not have gone through the filter yet.
  • Is your instructable lacking images? Sometimes instructables without images fail to go through the filter.
  • Your instructable may have been caught by the spam filter. If it has, contact anyone in the Instructable team, and they will check it out for you.
  • On weekends, where there is an influx of people posting projects, it may take longer than normal for it to show up in the Most Recents. Just Be Patient
  • After a few days, and it is not showing up, contact the Instructable team.

I hope this helps!


I just added a new instructable and noticed that ALL of my past ones are gone! Where did they go? One was a members choice instructable too!

Could you post your query as a bug report? The only two published I'bles I see in your profile are both recent; and your statistics seem awfully low for a two-year member.

I have not been able to see either of my posts. What is with that. Post 1 and Post 2


7 years ago

Its been 6 days since It says mine was posted... Yet when I search for my instructable, only the slideshow of it that I posted comes up... Just wondering if the fact that I unpublished it like 10 seconds after I posted it because I caught a Typo would make a difference (yes I re-published it, within a day of un-publishing it)


Reply 7 years ago

the link is: https://www.instructables.com/id/UKP-31-Caliber-Universal-Knex-Pistol/

My instructible is labled as "published", but I can't find it anywhere but on ly instructibles "published" tab. It's almost been 24 hours.....does that mean that if 24 hours pass, someone will tell me what's going on?

. I can see Mod a Tommy 20 and How To Make A Reminder Band.
. If you are talking about another one, I'm guessing that something in your iBle triggered the automatic filter(s). Robot doesn't do weekends very often, so it may be Monday (or Tuesday; Robot is very busy) before it is approved and made available to the public.

It's the Tommy 20 mod. That's what I figured.... I'll see what happens tomorrow. Thank you.


9 years ago

can some body comment on my Instructable I just want to see that others can see it.

i'm not sure, but mine never comes up in searches. so does that mean I just need to search differently? it told me to add images and I did.

err.. all of this has happened, but my instructable still hasn't been published.

It does not seem like a complete instructable. It has two pictures, vague directions, and it does not seem like there is much of a point to it at all. Chances are it caught the filter. Edit it, and elaborate on it, then contact the Instructables team.

Im so happy that this was here. I was getting worried about my rbg post until I read this.

I'm suprised Instructables doesn't have a FAQ


10 years ago

Thanks, this helped lol....now i know why it takes so long for it to show up...i published it saturday morning :P


10 years ago

As it says: majority of Instructables will be "online" within 24 hours, if they don't make it, a member of the Instructables staff will most likely comment on the un-published Instructable saying why it didn't pass, so you know what needs working on. ;-)