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Why isn't my browser working right this morning!? Answered

It's hiding my Questions and Answers buttons inside a button called shortcuts.  Whatever  can I do to put it back where it was?


It's going to take some getting used to, but overall I think the changes are good ones in the long run.
The biggest issue I have with the new desgin is that I'm having trouble getting my head around the subcategories - some of them seem unnecessarily specific while other seem very general (ex. "Guitar Hero" vs. "Kids").
As far as the interface goes, the new drop-downs are giving my voice rec navigator a bit of a fit, but that's not unique to this site, it just doesn't like drop-downs in general.

...so now all your carefully arranged shortcuts take another click to get to...

.  Doesn't even require an extra click. The menu drops down when you hover the mouse over it.

I hovered my mouse over the shortcuts menu and nothing happened until I hovered the cursor over it. ;-D


8 years ago

It's all part of the new changes they are making to the site. I for one like all these changes. they are cleaning up the sit and making it much easier to read and to look at.

You think that's bad?  FF on Mac has a bug such that the masthead only does orange and yellow up to the "physical" window edge.  After that, it's white, which means my "You" and "Shortcuts" labels are white-on-white :-/

They are changing stuff again.
It's not morning here, it's night. When it was morning here and night there, they went off line to make their secret alterations to surprise you when you awoke. Last time this happened it was morning here and night there. I was doing just what you're doing right now, just like last time, and guess what happens? The site goes down and I have to go and do something useful.
Pick on another timezone whydontchyas!