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Why isn't there an iPhone Instructables App?? Answered

Or atleast a mobile version for Safari? Constantly I find myself needing to use an instructable, but not wanting to wait a long time for the normal instructables to load. Similar sites like HowCast have an app, and a safari version. So instructables is a little behind with the times. Just an idea. I wish someone would consider it.


There is now:

hm... It's not available in the Finnish itunes app store :(
I would really like to use it on my new iPhone, so is there any chance of making it available to other countries as well?

That app was not created by Instructables, please be advised. Also, the app you link to is just a port of the existing mobile site.

 Ok guys I am thinking about constructing an instructables app but I don't know how the owner of the website is going to feel if he checks the app store and finds one in there that he doesn't get credit for so any feed back from him and I can jump start the process asap please just give me some feed back on the subject because I don't have a problem making one as long as I get credit for it and I figure out what the owner would like so he can get credit for it

So why don't you contact Eric or Christy directly?  If you're serious about developing and supporting it, then they ought to be serious about helping.


6 years ago

Dec 4th 2011

Still no app


I've been wondering why an app is needed, since I'm typing this comment on Kitewife's iPod.

Why not just use your device's web browser?

>Constantly I find myself needing to use an instructable, but not wanting to wait a long time for the normal instructables to load.

The one advantage of browsing on an iWhatever is that they boot up far faster than a PC or laptop.

I'm on my netbook now, but I've just tried Kitewife's iPod again, and from "off" to "browsing Instructables" took less than 15 seconds.

OK, except the OP was not talking about OS boot times, but page load times - completely different things.


7 years ago

When trying to save this site to my iPad's home screen, I get a very ugly icon. A snapshot of instructables home page. Could the author create an icon that would be better suited for this iPad feature. Thank you


8 years ago

Not as easy as it sounds - I believe you can't access the instructables database direct, but have to maintain a seperate copy of the database for the app.

Could just be rubbish I've been told but the guy whom told me usually knows what he's talking about.

And why limit it to iPhones - better to have a web app that all mobiles can access.

I agree. A mobile version of the site would be great. Not being an iphone user, an app wouldn't help me much but a general mobile format would help greatly.

weird i was thinking this exactly the other day ,,maybe we're twins separated at birth,,

It would be a great Instructable for you to do!!!! It'd probably be a winner...

If I could I would make one, but I don't even know where to start.

I think we should have one though, especially since with the new comment poster thing I can't post comments when I'm on Instructables on my iPod. 

Why isn't there an iPhone Instructables App??

Because you haven't written it yet?

Necessity is the mother of invention, so maybe too few people feel such an app is necessary. If you created it, imagine the pride in being the one who opened up the site to iPhone users...

I couldn't agree more. There needs to be an Instructables iphone app. Somebody please step up and get this done.