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Why it takes so long for an instructable to publish Answered

To help its clients understand everything that goes into publishing an instructable or forum topic, caitlinsdad has put together this awesome infographic showing the whole process, ok, just the highlights. It's all about educating the client, but this is a great glimpse even for consumers who just get the finished instructable and don't have any idea where it comes from or how it is made and why they have to wait so long before they see it published.

See the original forum topic that was the inspiration: www.instructables.com/community/How-to-make-a-book/  Click on the little i icon in the image to change to a larger size to display.


Hey, CD -- would you consider a patch contest (for non-expert members!) to see who can identify the most users you've shown?

k, i can only identify 1, i havent been here too long, so i dont know many faces here. maybe 2, im not sure

That would be too easy and how would you sort out any non-expert members or those that get help?  You can use the image if you want  as the basis of your challenge or do some other social experiment though. 

The true experts are sufficiently honorable to disqualify themselves up front (we know who we are :-).  All the same, I was a bit chagrined at the one I didn't get :-/

Close, but a little to the left (my left, your right :-) ...

I'll give whoever identifies the most a patch! I have a lot I still haven't given away... 

Disqualified. I knew all but one, and learned the last already.

I just couldn't resist.  Hopefully, the multi-level featuring works on Forum Topics -- otherwise I'll get a nastygram from Canida, like the time I Featured a bug report :-/

 seems like your powers cannot penetrate the tin foil shield...

How long has the little 'i' icon been there? Have I been modifying the URL to see the bigger picture all this time for nothing?

 It has always been in the Fn upper left hand corner as far as I can remember.

Okay, maybe you don't see it in comment imbedded images and some slideshows.

Haha! Quite amusing, although it doesn't apply to me right now. I just published a new 'ible about two hours ago, and it's already on the RECENT page. It really surprised me, especially on a Saturday.

Usually it is panic that sets in for newer instructables that are published at the late hour in order to meet contest deadlines, especially before a long U.S. holiday weekend.


8 years ago

 I love the trash can. 

That's wonderful :) Probably close to the truth too



8 years ago

Cool... that's funny. Nice job!