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Why multiple copies of menu items mac osx? Help... Answered

Why when I select "Open With," on an item on my desktop do multiple of the same options appear (I think I worded that weirdly, just look at the picture). This happens on my G3 ppc 600mhz iBook, G4 ppc dual 500mhz PowerMac, and is even worse on my 700mhz G4 ppc iMac. I don't have this problem on my intel MacMini. I'm very good with macs, but how do I solve this problem?


Might be because I've booted the system off of external hardrives several times. And each time it adds another copy to the list? I don't really know, I'm just guessing!!


9 years ago

how many attempts did you take to install it?....try uninstalling it and seeing if any of the copies go away...

Install what? Do you mean try reinstalling Photoshop, Firefox, Macam, Quicktime......? Doesn't seem to work..... This only seems to happen in Mac os 10.4.11 not os 10.5

when you installed photoshop, did you get any errors (or any other duplicate programs?) if so you might want to uninstall them and reinstall and see if that fixes things..... this and this might help too

im sorry, im not a mac guru, but what is Onyx? it sounds cool

nvm, its a maintence tool...

I dont know because I have a mac Mini . lol