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Why my wife rocks!!! Answered

Because, despite being a liberal democrat (yeesh) she, to answer the question "what do you want for our anniversary?" spent three weekends sojourning to various gun stores to find me (libertarian libertine) my hearts desire. And here it is, a 1943 Mosin Nagant with matching serials. I need to check the headspace and refinish the stock, and then I'll take it out shooting. Unfortunately, for the sake of my grades, I told her to hide it away until after finals. ~sigh!~



Well, mine has crashed the checking account for the last time. I am moving my paycheck over to a personal account. This living hand to mouth is just not my bag ;-)

My wife does that to a limited extent, but she buys me gifts to show affection, and she wants me to have "nice things", which drives me nuts!!!

Only two weeks left and the semester is over... Unless you are so unlucky as to have a final on the dreaded - "Monday After" - boo.

Wanna guess who has a final on the dreaded Monday after? And the local gun range has a public day first sunday of each month, arrgh!!

My wife will buy me a gift just to justify her spending extra money on herself LOL Usually it is something a really don't want ... after 16 years, and she still doesn't know me very well. :-(

Wow! A Mosin Nagant! At a shooting range in the mountains I went to, I shot the gun a few times. Very fun!! Also, in Call of Duty, I believe they had this gun when i used to play. Pretty good shot, for the long ranged guys hiding in houses! :p

Hell yeah! The Mosin Nagant is one of the best guns in the game! One of my friends owns an air rifle replica of it and it's awesome =D


10 years ago

Yes, Your Wife Rocks!! Lucky guy.

haha my pa has this same carbine rifle and it shoots great, since buying it he has put on a 4x scope new bolt and a synthetic stock. he also recently acquired a Mosin Nagant revolver and just the same as the rifle shoots great. they are very well built guns. my pa gets them through his boos who has a gun antiquers license he can get the revolver for about $75 and the carbine for $125

Can you research the history of an individual gun (through serial numbers or whatever)? Could this gun have "seen action", maybe somewhere significant, or been issued to a significant individual?

Finding the particular history is unlikely, they produced nearly 2 million in 1943 and something like 20 million over the 17 years of production. I'd think, having been produced 2 years before the end of the war it probably saw action. It's got beautiful wood under a coat of shellac so I'll strip it and refinish with a boiled linseed/beeswax finish whilst attempting to preserve the cartouches. Next will be a "Smelly" enfield like my dad carried. Paid $150 ,slight premium over the net price of $99, but decent factoring in the transfer fee, background check, shipping, etc.

A Mosin Nasgant is a good gun expecially if you are into colecting ww2 weapons.Next year ask for a 98k Mauser or a Lee Enfield which are equaly sweet guns.


10 years ago

Whoo-wee! 1943! That sure is a nice gun you got there! How much did it cost?

I don't know much about guns, but she sure looks like a beaut.