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Why not get high voltage by boosting 300V to say 2KV ? Answered


I plan to build High Voltage of 4KV. The output current is very low (say 100uA). I intend to use this as focus voltage in a CRT application. Hence, I am exploring the ways to do so.

I have seen people building high voltage (8-20KV) using transformer followed by voltage multipliers. Now a days, MOSFETs are available which can withstand voltage upto 4.5KV. So it should be possible to create boost converter which could boost 300V to 2KV. Then one can further boost the voltage using voltage multipliers. The input voltage of 300V is achieved by rectifying the line voltage of 220V/50Hz.

Visiting internet, I do not see anybody doing so. Hence I wonder what could be wrong in doing something of this kind. Could somebody elaborate ?




4 years ago

I built my own crude CRT oscilloscope when i was a high school-er and i don't remember needing more then a few hundred volts to drive the sweep and vertical plates.

What are you really building ??

for 100uA, voltage doublers work great, and cost very little, there is nothing to go wrong.

Just cause you can't find a DC to DC boost converter with your exact specs doesn't mean no one has done it or it can't be done. It just tells you there isn't any real demand for such a device so you'll need to design and build it yourself.