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Why will it not let me post in the class section. ? Answered

Gives ma an "You must specify an Instructable ID or Topic ID." error.


I made the weather notifier, and it works, but what i don't understand is why it doesn't refresh properly through IFTTT? If i add data the system works instantly. I noticed upon its initial startup it pulled the condition from WU, but after that it only updated once after 29hrs, and that may have been do to me monkeying with it. I noticed the current condition change a couple of times but it never updated my notifier. I have a gap in my understanding on what calls or refreshes the data and why it seems hit or miss. Maybe the team here can enlighten me. I notice the timing on most of my notifications is erratic at best and sometime it happen in 1 min and other 20min. sometimes it is even a burst of ten notification at once.
Thank you for the knowledge

Christian C

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-08-11

Thanks for the bug report, I'll pass it along.

The frequency of updates in this case is up to IFTTT, if you login there you can find a page showing your applets' activity stream, so you can see when it's sending the data to AIO. I've had the weather monitor project up in my house for several months, and also notice it misses updates occasionally, but in my research it seems to be coming from the IFTTT end. Their services are subject to their own server load, and I suspect they also prioritize certain types of services that need to be more realtime in order to work at all, vs the weather report which "can wait a few minutes," sometimes never arriving at all.

Play around with some other triggers in IFTTT to see for yourself! Make an email notifier or something that doesn't use the WU trigger and observe its speed/reliablitity.

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