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Why won't my computer create sound? Answered

Whenever I try to use a program that utilizes sound (Youtube, Emulators, Etc.) my computer will not make any sound. The speakers work, and the computer will still create error message noises (ching, pulse, Etc.) but nothing else. Also when I try to open volume control it says that there are "no mixers available." If it helps, when I open a rom on VisualBoyAdvance it will say  "Unable to load sound file :0000001" does anyone know how to fix this?

EDIT: Most fail question ever, after a little searching I found an article detailing on how to fix it. Best answer still open to anyone as everyone likes best answer and I know I'm not the only one who's had this problem.



6 years ago

my computer doesnt create sound if i hibernate it or put it into stand by mode for more than 2 mins

An older computer that I have loses the mixer from time to time. A reboot restores it. Have you rebooted lately?

Actually, mine is from an infection I got a while back and haven't got around to completely fixing yet. Once I wipe and restore the HDD, problem will be good and solved.



7 years ago

Sometimes the fastest and easiest thing to do is go into the device manager and remove all the sound components (uninstall them) and then reboot. After rebooting the OS "finds" the new hardware and installs the drivers. This resets everything including the file associations so it often, but not always, fixes audio problems. Just to make extra sure after you do this you should look for newer drivers and update any that you find.


7 years ago

I had sound problems in a PC before.
There are more then one volume control in windows.
Especially if you get a cryptic message about a mixer.
Widows switched to an audio panel under certain situations,
where the L/R channels were down wrong.