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Why won't my flyback transformer work? Answered

I have a flyback transformer that I pulled out of an old tv that I didn't use, and I have been trying to hook it up to a driver to get some arcs. The driver I am using is a basic driver that utilizes a NPN 2n3055 transistor and a couple of resistors. I am powering it off a 12V drill battery. Additionally I have checked the transistor with a multimeter and it checks out ok. As far as the coils go, I have tried using coils that I located on the flyback, and I tried winding my own on the exposed ferrite core. What happens is I hook it up to the power source and nothing happens, I don't even hear the high pitched whining noise that is characteristic of the high frequency driver. I don't know what to do, I have tried a lot of stuff. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm having power issues? All the instructables that I have seen use sealed lead-acid batteries which produce more current than my drill battery which is at least 12 amps. How much current is needed? Any suggestions to get this working would be well appreciated. Thanks :)



Best Answer 6 years ago

I would recheck the base drive connection.
Also if you moved the core and put it back ever so poorly that will prevent
the oscillation (whine you seek.

BTW do provide that circuit for us to do more then guess how it can be fixed :-)


Ok, this is the schematic for the driver that I am using. The only difference is my 27 ohm resistor is 5 watts instead of 1 watt, which I don't believe would make any difference.


A good simple circuit, only thing I would try is to reverse the feedback winding

And yes using a 5W in place of a 1W same ohms is fine.

Just tried that out, no luck. These things seem to be really hard to get working. Guess I will just have to throw in the failed projects bin for now. I can't be bothered with it. Thanks a lot for the help though. :D


6 years ago

Try one more thing, a tickler start oscillation trick.

Probably wont do it but got to try......  and both coil versions too.


It's usually best not to pull the transformer out and use the driver designed for it in the TV. Can you figure out how that is built & was connected?


Post a good diagram of your driver circuit.