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Why won't the CD that I burned play? Answered


I tried burning songs to a cd multiple times on THREE DIFFERENT COMPUTERS with an .mp3 and then a .wav format, I closed the session every time and the cd will not play on my PS3! I am using CD-R discs and our computers all use Windows Vista. Everything seems to work just fine until I put the disc in the PS3 and nothing shows in the music folder.

Update: I also tried burning an audio cd format with Itunes and it didn't work. I also tried the disc a few times on a cd player instead of my PS3 and it didn't work. I also tried using a fresh disc and it didn't work. And I downloaded a program to scan my computer for updates that I may have needed to burn a disc and it couldn't find any. The music I am trying to burn is music that I recorded and is not protected. And someone told me it might be a Windows Vista error (all 3 of our computers that I tried burning it on are Vistas)



Try to updateWindowsto 7version.If that doesn't help, maybethe file is corrupted. try to burn it toa flash driveand check.If the flash drivewill work,maybe somethingwrong withthe CD-rom.


7 years ago

because if you burn a cd it will melt, so you really cant put a glob of glass into a cd drive. :>)

Clever :), but CD's are glass? I thought they were plastic.

lol! my first lol on inst. yayyyy!!!! i dont know what they are made of.

they are made of a combination of rich plastic and and very very thin magnetic layer on which the actual burning is done. the burning is actually all physical. a CD isn't digital like a USB. no, it has dents in it that represent a binary system. the dents are very small, and the naked eye cannot see them. i you put a cd under a microscope, you will see billions of little dents, shallow ones representing 0 in the binary system, and deeper ones representing 1.

Lol you have a PS3. On Xbox you can just stream songs over your local network without having to bother with obsolete CD's. It saves a bunch of time and money after intial setup.

In any case I think this might be intentional on Sony's part. They are also a music record label after all and they frown upon piracy. I wouldn't be surprised if they restricted their PS3's from playing CD's like the ones you made.

I did some searching on the Internet and talked to some friends with PS3s, this is what they told me to do, they this:

Burn with a directory structure that is 2 deep. Artist - Album Name - Tracks.
Both the CD's and DVD's that my friends burned like this play fine on my PS3, and it recognizes all of the songs.

Make sure all of the music you're trying to play is actually ordinary MP3's and not that iTune protected format?

Also, how are you burning the CD's? There's various file system options when burning CD's, depending on what you choose, it could possibly effect the ability of the PS3 to recognize the files. Enabling Multi-session recording could have an impact, my friends don't use multi-sessionthough.

How do I make a directory structure that's 2 deep? What exactly does that mean? Maybe that will work if you can tell me how to do it.

He means you should put MP3s into folders, into more folders, like this:
-Billy Bob
.....-Billy Bob's Greatest Hits
..........*My Song.mp3
..........*I Love to Sing.mp3
..........*Music Is Cool.mp3

-Mary McLiza
.....-Mary McLiza's Greatest Hits
..........*My Song is Cooler.mp3
..........*I Love to Sing Even More.mp3
..........*Music Is Cool, But Only When It's Mine.mp3

Thanks for explaining that. I tried it and it didn't work though.

I don't know whether the PS3 is *intended* to play CDs formatted as data files. (And if you had to explicitly close the session, that's almost certainly what you did.)

Try burning it as an audio CD -- your software probably has a separate mode for that -- and see if that helps.

Also, some drives are really picky about media. That isn't common these days, but if CD-R isn't working for you even after you burn an audio-formatted CD, try CD+R disks. (You may need to find a different burner for these, though again most drives now support most variants.)

First bit was informative.
I tried burning as an audio cd too.
I'll stick with CD-R, according to everyone else, they're supposed to work. Thanks for your time.

When you burn audio to a CD, it should ask you to choose 'Audio CD' or 'File CD' or something like that. Try both of them and see if anything happens.

Im not sure, but it may be because sony hates piracy and has some methods(I dont know them) and they can prevent you from using cd's without a file, or something like that. I burn a cd to and it worked in our suv and truck, but not our corvette, so it might be a problem like that

Sony is really strict and, like 7ofclubs says, you probably have to burn it with a directory structure that is 2 deep.

You are likely burning it as a data disc, and you would need to burn it as an audio disc. The most common program to do this with is iTunes. It's free to download, and you can find instructions here.

Thanks, but I just tried that, didn't work.

Try it in a CD player to see if it's the disc or the PS3. Make sure it's in a format that is supported by the PS3 (probably .aif files instead of .mp3s or .wavs).