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WiFi Jammer fom a WiFi router? Answered

Is it possible to copy the settings of a WiFi network onto another router. Then have the device try and connect to the router without any internet? Therefore blocking the internet from the device.



I might have a legal way to do something close to this, depending on the wifi blocking circumstance.  Also, it doesn't really require any major hacking or modifications of any sort!  It won't block out the wifi 100%, but with it, you can reduce the wireless speed about 75-85%, which (according to the internet) is painfully slow.  Here's what you do: 1. Get a microwave oven.  2. put a microwaveable plate with cheese and chips (or a microwavable bowl filled with water) in the microwave.  3. Turn microwave on.   Microwaves emit signals that fall on the same frequency as 802.11b WLANs.  If you are thinking about doing this to win at video games, this is a tried and true method.


7 years ago

It may be possible to do this, however it will not be a simple case of changing some settings. The WiFi standards have fairly advanced collision detection, If their is a bad connection on one frequency they will simply jump to another and avoid the interference. Routers will naturally want to not interfere with each other because that is what they are supposed to do (not suffer from interference), so doing so with the stock firmware is impossible. As noted by Frollard, it's not a smart move to start doing this to other peoples hardware in any case. Hacks such as this are certainly possible but for the amount of effort it would take for you to implement it, the result will not have been worth it. There are far more rewarding router hacks out there, you might be interested in OpenWRT which is an alternate firmware that gives your router much more functionality. Drew.

Theoretically possible, but guaranteed illegal and ill advised.

+1. Remember, if you're broadcasting a jamming signal, it is EASY to find you.

I don't believe this is possible. If both routers have the same settings, the 2nd one to start up will not be able to connect to anything. If you use a standard SSID name (like linksys) and the device has connected to a different router with the same name in the past, it will try to connect to that router IF the signal is stronger even if it has no access to the Internet.