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WiFi through Bluetooth? Answered

If I have an iPhone that has internet access everywhere, can it transmit the internet to an iPad?



The internet access comes over the cellular network, then you SHOULD be able to tether the phone to the iPad, via Wifi. You shouldn't need to use Bluetooth at all/

+1 but check with your cell phone provider. If you use wifi tethering without adding it to your contract then then they will either fine you and add it to your monthly bill or they can probably even drop you and charge you early termination fees.

Yet In the UK, tethering like that is being actively encouraged. Go figure

I wasn't trying to imply it was illegal, just that, with most US carriers, Wifi tethering or creating wifi hotspots from a phone's data coverage is an extra pay feature on the service, even if the phone allows it. This means if you use it without setting it up through the carrier first the carrier will have the right to take action against the user. It may be included in his contract or he may be able to add it for a monthly fee.

OK, but in theory, can internet be accessed through bluetooth (short range)?

In theory, yes, but Apple's APIs are VERY limited for bluetooth interaction. I know Android lets me though.