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Wide-Barrel Answered

I came up with this gun design a year or so ago. I think the idea for such a wide barrel has been done, like the bug-squarish one, "Special munitions" or something. Even this use of gray rods has been done as a grenade launcher- but never with a trigger. The usefulness would be to use as a shotgun, of course, or fire those little black circle things. I've taken this apart some time ago, but it could be rebuilt. I realize the wide ramrod tip would seriously decrease power, but it is a less piece-consuming version of the barrel seen on the previously mentioned "special munitions" (or something) gun. Does anyone think this is valuable?



10 years ago

bending could be easily rendered. lol last pic looks like a rocket.

i don't get it, how is this barrel any different from a normal one? it would be easier to tell what it is with better pics.

Oh hey I get it. I was just about to use this for a simple grenade launcher too. I think basically it's like having a snowflake wrapped in grey rods and then the big space of the hole the grey rods make is the barrel.

ok, i have tried to use that in one of my failed attempts at a lever action rifle. i was going to use that to make a breach for it. well, thanks for clearing that up for me, the pics confused me, most of them are of the ram.