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Wierd ( And gross) thing happened while making a hunting spear. Answered

            I was making a bamboo hunting spear (Which I will make an instructable on soon), and when I found the heart of the stick, it was gross!  The inside was covered in this snot-like substance that smelled horrendous, and the sponge type thing that is usually inside bamboo was practically gone! 

Does anyone know what could have caused this?


I expect it's some sort of fungi...

(to be said in Australian accent) Un' day i wus walking thru a faurist aund wus attacked by a giunt blob af livin' goo, sau i thank sahmbahdy killed un' af them thangs with ah bambauoo stick, aund it got ahll ovah the staik.

Go figgah.

Probably fungal soft rot from being improperly stored or dried after cutting. Unless it was fresh cut, then it would probably be bacterial soft rot. Not that it makes much difference ;-)

Plants get infections, just the same as animals do.

Or maybe it was the remains of an animal that had lived there - either bodily wastes, or the animal itself if it had died.