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Wii - Play Backup Games without modchip -- System Menu V 4.0 ? Answered

Please note: I am beginner at this.

Ok, here is what I have done:

1. I have upgraded my System Menu to version 4.0 using the update option from the Wii

2. Following this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/S9RV0FWFN4H8OED/
I have installed cIOS36 Rev7. This means that I have also installed Homebrew Channel (using Bannerbomb exploit ).

3. Following the same instructable I have got to the point where I got the Error ret-2011 which a lot of other people (with System Menu 4.0) got: " tried to install the 04-BackupLauncher0.3g+_249-NeoRame.rar like instructed below.I get a installing ticket...ERROR! (ret = -2011)"

4. After that everything went down the drain. I have tried to follow this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/SQHX9S3FUNOXOKE/ with both versions (offline and online), but I kept getting the -2011 error.

5. I have tried to follow other tutorials out there but I did not get any further because of different errors.

Now I do not know what version of cIOS or other files I have installed on my Wii.
I have tried to update again my System Menu 4.0 in case I have messed up anything but my Wii says that I already have the latest version installed.

So my questions are:

1. How do I know what version of the Files I have and whether I have messed up my System Menu ? And how do I get back to the original System Menu 4.0 of the files?

2. Since the aim of this entire thing is to play backup games, how do I fix this and how do I get my Wii to play the backup games, from backup DVDs (I've seen that it might be possible to play them from USB devices, I am not interested in that right now). Also, I do not want to install any other homebrew applications (like DVD players or video players).

3. If in the process I have to downgrade my System Menu, what are the exact steps to do that?

Thank you very much for your help and I hope someone will be able to help me make things work !
If you think you can help but you need more information, please comment on my question and I will provide as much information as I can

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liljohnnydoe (author)2009-06-11

Ok, I have finally solved my problem :)

I am sooo happy. I followed this tutorial here: http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-faqs-guides-tutorials-only/16145-how-get-homebrew-channel-virgin-4-0-wii.html
And I have done everything written there.
At some point, the LoadMii asks you what version of IOS you want to use. In case you have more than one version, make sure you select version 35 !

That would be all ! I hope this helps people around.

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frollard (author)2009-06-11

I can't be of much help, but perhaps asking the specific authors of those instructables directly - or asking in a comment on those ibles would be of quicker more specific help.

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liljohnnydoe (author)frollard2009-06-11

Thank you frollard, I have asked this as a reply to those specific intructables as well. I hope somebody will be able to help me either here or there :) Anyway, once I get it working, I will write the answer here so that it would available for the entire community.

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frollard (author)liljohnnydoe2009-06-11

Good deal, and good luck!

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