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Wikipedia? Answered

I have always been told to stay away from Wikipedia (unless you can verify it's information elsewhere) because it can be unreliable because other people can edit it. Is that not the case here? Thanks!

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-06-05

Hi mrw122015,

You are not wrong about Wikipedia's info being unverified, but I still find it a valuable resource. For topics that are less opinion based, like my topic the science of sound, I usually find the info to be consistent with the expert info I also seek out. It also provides great lists of related topics to look into that often provide some surprise finds that lead my search down helpful and unexpected paths.

Also, all the images on wiki are public domain, so they are an amazing resource when creating any document that might be shown externally.

You are super right though, I should add more clarity in that section about the importance of cross referencing all the info you find, so thanks for the great feedback!

Happy inventing!

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mrw122015 (author)Paige Russell2017-06-05

Hi Paige,

What you said makes sense. Thank you for the clarification! (And thanks for pointing out up above that I reminded you to add that info)


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Captain Colon (author)2017-06-28

Instead of using "stay away from Wikipedia unless you can verify its information elsewhere" as a rule of thumb, I would use "take everything on Wikipedia with a grain of salt". Technically nothing should even be on Wikipedia that isn't verifiable elsewhere (they have a "no original research" policy), but of course they can only do so much to enforce the rules with the resources they have. Wikipedia is a tool like any other - learn how to use it and it will serve you well. In my experience, it's a very reliable source of information for topics that aren't popular and/or controversial.

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