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Will The glass from my CRT Tv Make me sick??? Answered

I broke apart my Tv set and literally smashed the screen with an axe.  Why?  Because there was nothing good on.  But anywho.....I heard there is lead and other bad stuff in the glass so i am a little worried that i breathed some of that in.   Also, i love the look of the glass and would love to use it in some art projects.  Is it safe to work with?   Thank u.



Usually when nothing is on TV I just turn it off and get on the net. Instructables is always entertaining. Next time I sugest you try that or even going outside and going for a walk. Will be much cheaper than replacing the TV.

The glass won't make you sick, as Kiteman said. It would only cause problems if you inhaled the dust (so... don't) or ate it (as tempting as that may be).

The toxic nasties are in the phosphors that coat the inside of the front panel to make it glow; you'll have to do your own research to figure out exactly how nasty they are. Again, don't breathe/eat it and it probably won't kill you.

Avoid the sharp bits, don't breath the dust, and you're fine.

Don't worry about the dose of dust you may have already had - for a start-off, you can't undo it, but mainly because your lungs evolved to deal with doses of dust like that - as long as you're not a smoker, they should have already cleared that dust out of your lungs.

Ok thank you. But The Glass itself...Is it ok? Like for an art piece? And what exactly is the LEAD? Where is it? What does it look like?

If you're talking about "lead glass" (as in "lead crystal"), then the lead is chemically bound into the glass itself - it's about as safe as it can get.