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Will a Prune Juice Laxative help with my constipation or is it just a myth? Answered

A lot of people are aware that the health of our digestive tracks or particularly the large intestine commonly known as colon have adverse effects on the health of our whole body, not only physical health but also mental health. When our colon is unhealthy or diseased and full of toxins, this toxins enters our bloodstream through the process of intoxication. When our bloodstream becomes dirty it also affects the brain. Commonly we experience mood swing. Another tangible effect of this unhealthy condition called constipation or the hardening of stool due to inadequate digestion or lack of it.

With this said, you may wonder what are my best herbal and natural remedy for cleansing the inside of my body and avoid if not irradicate this condition of constipation?

One very good natural remedy is eating of Prunes. A Prune is a variety of plums. Prune juice is made by steaming prunes until it is softened and pureeing then juice is squeezed out. Prune juice contain a natural laxative known as isatin. Prune juice is high in insoluble fiber. Each prune fruit contains 6% of dietary fiber. Prune juice is good remedy for constipation. It is also high in anti oxidant.

Visit http://www.colonnews.com/colon-cleansers/will-prune-juice-laxative-help-my-constipation-or-it-just-myth.html for more info



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