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Will a camera that works with 12v still work with 9v? Answered

heres the cam(left side of robot)



the yellow battery is the one i need now for the cam it weighs lots... so a 9v battery would save me unecessary weight, still that whole set only weighs 670 grams...


i have the same problem but two solutions. i just bought a camera at a yardsale but the batteryies are competly dead. i am probably gonna try 1 or 2 or both. 1-- take 2 6 volt lantern batteries in series and take apart one lead acid battery and run the wires thru. then build like a belt clip on the batterys. 2-- take apart one lead acid battery and put 8 AA batteries in it. put then in series and close the battery back up with something easy to remove like a piece of tape. just in case anybody has thaught to try any of these two ideas just be carefull with the corrosive acid and how you dispose of it. it will seriously burn. trust me.

A smaller battery could be used with a transformer to step it up to 12v. This drains the battery though, so it won't last as long. 9v batteries don't generally last that long anyway. You can get 12v A23 type batteries for pretty cheap. They're 12v, so no transformer. They're small though, so it really depends on how much this camera draws. You could even connect a few in parallel to get more life, and still be a lot lighter than that huge battery pack. It all depends on how long it has to last.

where could i buy these? in an electronics shop? coz i cant buy stuff from the net... i have a very very small 12v battery from a RC helicopter, it only lasts like 3 minutes... in the helicopter though... i might try with the camera...

You can probably get them at Wal Mart or something. It's a battery used in cameras so it might be with the batteries, but it might be by the cameras as well.

we dont have wal-marts here :( i 'll just wire a bunch of lemons in parallel :P what about cell phones batteries? dont older models have higher battery power? like 12v? I'll se How fast a 12v A23 lasts, i have two mini walkie-talkies that use two of those, i now know wich batteries your talking about... i can get them cheapish at the chinese shop...(thats where i get cheap toys to tear apart :))

No wal-mart? I want to live where you live... You're probably better off without it. You can find some sort of smaller battery pack, but I don't know if that'll be any cheaper. Rechargeables are expensive, if the cheap batteries last long enough then don't worry about it.

the 12v batery pack is rechargeable, it has 10 AA batteries in it, so it weighs quite a lot... maybe a battery pack of 10AAA betteries would cut some weight off... tryed the 12v A23, was drained in an instant :( I have the cheap-o batteries for the remote and servos, but these arent rechargeable... yea some rechargeables are expensive but lets say 8$ for four, and cheap-o ones like 1$ for four u can only use the cheap ones once, while the rechargeables can be recharged and last quite a while(the ones i have have been around for yrs... so rechargeables are the way to go i think...

in fact i'm going to the shop down the street right now! lol hmmm what about a battery pack for it? :O heh old-school, scotch tape :P