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Will a computer power supply run efficiently on a 12V power inverter? Answered

I am planning to buy a modified sinewave inverter just to power some basic stuffs from a car,

but one of my main problem is that i want to power 2 sensitive devices on the inverter.

I have a 450W computer powersupply
Will it run smoothly or will make hissing noise or will get fried after minutes of use

same goes with a 19" inch LCD screen

some help here would be  much appreciated


You'd be much better getting a 12V PC powersupply. Double conversions waste energy.

yeah sure, but those 12V ones a pretty weak in terms of watts produced
because i am using a micro atx board, and not the itx ones
and the board will have to bear a pretty greedy i3 processor

and for the lcd, it plugs in directly into 220V ac, no adapters

i have another screen using 18 volt, that i manage to power from a buck converter which works fine, but the other one is not the same

In that case, you're stuck with it. ;-)

You'll need a fairly big inverter - 600W + , which will need to be tied to your battery directly

well, i figured it lately, but my problem is that how good will the computer power supply and the lcd screen be when using the mod sinewave inverter,
that is getting unwanted interferences, or making hissing sound.

It SHOULDN'T, bearing in mind that the first thing that happens to the incoming AC....is its turned straight into high voltage DC.

hello sir. I have computer power supply which give 12 volt. And i want to run 5000 watts power inverter for window air conditioner . It will run or not beacuse i do not want to use battery or solar system.i just want to run it from computer power supply please kindly help me


5 years ago

You are looking at drawing a lot of power from a system that was not designed for that purpose. Like Steve said you will need to tap directly off the battery. In addition you will almost for sure need to get a heavy duty alternator. Ambulances have high power requirements and are modified to be able to supply it. They also often have built in power converters. If you can find an old one for sale it would be the best solution. When I was doing wireless internet work we had an old ambulance that we used. It was capable of running a lot of gear but it had pretty bad gas mileage.

drawing lots of power is not a problem, i've been able to power high power audio devices up to 2000w without any problem, so a 500w won't be much a trouble for me