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Will a condenser mic work the same way as a 3.5 mm mono audio jack? Answered

I will be building an FM transmitter soon, and I wanted it to have a condenser mic with a switch that switches the input of the condenser mic, to the input of a jack that people could play music from. In other words, the user would be able to speak to the transmitter, flip a switch, and then play music through to the jack. My only question really, is whether or not it would work? Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it. The attached picture is the schematic I am working off of.


Yes it will work.

Good luck on getting the transmitter to work. They can be tricky. Especially if you don't get the inductor and antenna right. Also keep in mind you won't get much range from that transmitter and you wouldn't want a long range on it anyway. Otherwise you run into the need for a broadcast license or you will be violating federal communications law.

Cool, thank you for helping! Also, what would you estimate the range to be on the transmitter? And perhaps in a short and vague way could you answer; what exactly about a transmitter circuit makes it more powerful? What components are required to enhance its range etc.

A single transistor transmitter can't transmit much further that maybe 50 ft. Designs that use more transistors are more power full. Also the antenna and amount of power the transmitter uses contributes to there effective range. But if your transmitter is broadcasting further than 200ft or cause any interference to licensed transmission near the same bandwidth your using then you are violating FCC regulations and can face federal fines.