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Will an older motherboard which, according to specs, can run DIMM memory of 400 or less, still work with DIMM 800 or so? Answered

DIMM 400 is obsolete, so it not easily available in strips of 1G or higher. But 512 MB of DIMM 400 is almost the same price as a more modern memory strip of 2G! Since the pin-out is the same, I was wandering if the more recent kind, like DIMM 800 would still work, but perhaps at a slower rate.

If I would try, would it just not work, or would it fry (or fry the motherboard)?


the problem is, the pin layout maybe the same but the notch on the downside (where all the brass connection blocks are) is in a slightly different place, maybe 2 mm. therefore it won't fit on your mainboard


8 years ago

DIMM refers to an entire class of random access memory. This includes SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3, among others.
What you need to do is determine type of module your PC uses, SDRAM, or DDR, etc. You should be able to find this information on your PC maker's website or the motherboard manufacturer's site.
You can't mix DDR with SDRAM for example or any of the modules with a different type module. As long as you match the module types with what is compatible with your PC, it will work.

Are you referring to DDR1 as obsolete?
DDR2 & 3 work a bit differently so your board may well not support a newer type.
I wouldn't expect damage, just non-functionality. Check your mainboard's capabilities before spending any money.


Faster memory DIMMs are usually fine. It shouldn't fry anything to try it.