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Will and 8 ohm Speaker work where a 32 ohm Speaker is needed? Answered

I am asking because I bought this sound generator kit that has a 32 ohm speaker with it. But what I ultimately want to do with it is actually have a line out in order to hook up to external amps.

The speaker is connected to a 15 ohm resister that is connected to pin 3 of a 555 IC on one side and the other side of the speaker is connected to a 10uf capacitor.

The kit is the C4722 10 Note Sound Synthesizer from Chaney Electronics the circuit is similar to one i built and made an instructable for. On that one it has similar parts but the speaker is connected to one 10uf capacitor and negative.

Do you think if I omitted the 15 ohm resistor I would be able to connect an 8ohm speaker or a line out?
I haven't tried anything yet. And I haven't started to build my box yet since I don't know if am going to have to use the speaker that came with it or if I can modify it they way I desire.

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icengBest Answer (author)2012-09-15

It wont hurt the 555 to connect an 8 ohm speaker,
the sound might be different though.

And yes you can feed the output ( still using a capacitor ) directly
to an amplifier's AUX input.
You may need to place that 15 ohm resistor from the amp input
to the ground for best sound....


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