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Will calcium silicate building stone work as a foundation for a forge or will they crack with the heat? Answered

I'm looking to build a forge, and I was hoping to use the same bricks that are on the outside of my house. They're Calcium Silicate stones, I don't know if they're meant for fire, because they're primarily decorative on houses these days. Will these crack/ explode in a charcoal fired forge?



9 years ago

try either a 50/50 sand clay mix or a 1 part furnace cement 4 part perlite or mt savage refractory cement best of luck

Depends on how much water is in them. The only real way to be sure if it isn't firebrick is to test it.

I finally got an answer from the makers of the stone, given the e-mail header, I'd say the question got passed along to a couple of people, and is why it took so long to get a reply. They said it's no good as a firebrick. Melting point of Calcium silicates are around 1200 C, so I guess that's why...

I think I've seen it used in gas forges (as insulation board), but it gets delicate so as lining in a charcoal forge it probably wouldn't last. As a brick for siding I imagine that it's closer to concrete than the insulation board I'm thinking of.