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Will donating money to the IRS on your tax form help prevent a future audit? Answered

funny question I know. To prevent an audit you must do your taxes right, and I do. I just had this crazy question pop up in my head.



Best Answer 9 years ago

No. For individuals audits are either initiated because the IRS sees something suspicious, or at random. Accountants need things to add up properly, they don't know you've done your taxes right without auditing you. The purpose of audit is to show that tax is being done right by checking a sample. Also, to make people aware that the IRS may check their submissions, so they'd better do it right.
(You make it sound a bit like a bribe, very probably not a good idea!)


I think that's fraud - they would frown upon that...especially if they dont give you a receipt.

fraud? I don't think so, whenever I do my taxes there's that little section asking if I want to donate any funds.

Seriously? I don't know or understand US taxes at all - but thats hilarious!