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Will my cats be ok in the harsh NY winter? Answered

I am moving from Miami to NY. My cats have never been outside though they try to get out every time the door opens. If I build them an insulated house, and put it inside the shed, will they be ok in the harsh winter?? (My mom is DEATHLY allergic)


Will the cats survive? Probably. Will they be happy with this arrangement? Probably not.

I think the best way to answer that question is to tell you that if you have moved, it is best to wait nine weeks before letting the cats out or else they may not come back. However, since your mother is allergic, a nice, heated, insulated shed would be quiete comfortable for them. Make sure you have a heating blanket of some sort instead of a space heater, becuase if your cats should tip it over, the shed would catch on fire. They should be fine.

Long-haired cats will do better, obviously, than short-haired ones, but all cats have very strong survival instincts, and New York's alley cat population is healthy. That said, it would be unkind to house them in the cold without any heat source. If you could put an electric blanket in the shed for them to curl up in, they should be comfortable, though, without the inefficiency of a space heater.

. Most cats do well in small spaces, so, if you keep a reasonable temperature in the shed (as per Kiteman), they should be OK. . If your Mother is THAT allergic, you may end up bringing enough dander into the house after playing with the cats to trigger a reaction. . Going back and forth to the cat house in -30 weather will likely be unpleasant for a Southern Belle.

It would have to be a heated insulated shed.

You could buy your mother a whole heap of anti-histamines, but orksecurity may, unfortunately, be right.

(For a low-allergy, indoor pet, why not try a reptile of some kind?)

That's a lot of change you're dumping on the cats at once. I hate to say it, but I think the right answer is to re-home them.