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Will the Corsair H50 liquid cooler work with Xbox 360? Answered

I would like to liquid cool my Xbox 360 for my website and bragging rights and would like to know if anyone knows if the Corsair H50 will work with Xbox 360. Thanks



Best Answer 7 years ago

So long as you can phsyically mount the waterblock on the cpu and gpu, you should be fine. afaik the 360 has its own x-shaped clamps that hold the coolers on, so as long as they line up somewhat, you should be okay.

Thanks, I'm trying to keep the price under $200 so that will be cool to be able to do. I'm also working on an Ible for it so thanks

Keep in mind other parts of the 360 require actual airflow (memory, odd, etc) so you might want to maintain some fannage...