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Will this battery explode?? Answered

Silly question, but I really wanna be on the safe side. 

I just received this battery charger for my phone, but wanted to change the case, so i removed the original case. 
Then I looked at the battery, and saw that the (-) of the battery is not soldered to the PCB at all, only the (+). 

I know that lithium batteries are dangerous, so I just wanted to ask if it's safe to use. It was like that, I didn't accidentally
rip it of. There are even no marks on the (-) connector sticking out from the battery.

Can someone please let me know if it's safe to use? 

I added some images pointing out the place and the board. 

Thanks a lot for your help.




3 years ago

Your asking if you solder it will it ignite ?

Probably not, but solder heat may disconnect the tab inside the battery !

The positive side looks like a double spot weld.

I would hold the tab down with the metal of a screw driver and then use a princess iron to solder the most remote-end to avoid heat damage to the battery


Thanks a lot for your answer and the drawing.

So, *should* I solder it on? Basically I am trying to figure out if that is a manufacturing problem, or if the (-) was left unsoldered intentionally. If the design is intentionally like this, I just leave it. However I remember that a battery usually always has to have ground, hence my confusion.

I should add that that charger is powered by 5V / 1A via USB

Thanks a lot for helping me out.

Its a mfg overlook.

Don't know your solder skills.

Is it worth the hassle ?

See if it works before soldering, jam a temporary object (wood, soft plastic, rolled paper wad) to push on top of the tab to make the electric connection snap the cover and try it.

one more observarion:

if i press the (-) plate down to the pcb, the charger is working (e.g. i can charge another device vis 5V. If not, its not charging anything.

yet when pressed down, the led is constantly on, even when there si nothing else attached. Makes me wonder why a usb charger gives power to a led, constantly? Makes no sense.

btw, there is no on/off button on the pcb.

Just go ahead and solder it quickly, that will fix it. The metal in those tabs is thin enough it cannot carry the heat into the battery fast enough to cause damage if you are quick about it.

if i do that i have a blue led going on on the pcb. When i remove the (-) plate it goes off.

I am charging the battery now via usb 5v, without the (-) attached. After that i will experiment.

My solder skills are 0, as are my electronic skills. Thats why I have no clue if what i am doing is safe :D

There is no fear of Electrocution, always wear safety glasses for your eyes and don't work in bed. Worst event you could experience is the destruction of your phone charger....

It won't explode if there's nothing connected to it - how can it ?