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Will this processor be able to handle good games? Answered

I'm looking at an AMD Athlon II X4 645 Quad Core Processor and I just wanted to know if this will be able to play games like Portal 2, or Black Ops without lagging.


hey, if ur biulding one go for an intel i7 wich can handle more than that and i would use around 4-8 gigs of ram... good luck :)

Not just the CPU - what else are you building this with? Start with a mainboard & processor choice - I find gigabyte boards to be a good buy.



7 years ago

The Amd Athlon is in my opinion a good processor. The quad core is good, I am using one currently. As to gaming, the bigger factor is the video card. Another important factor is how much RAM and what its speed rating is. How much can you afford?
If your looking for good performance at a mid range price then try an MSI board with the processor your looking at and get an ATI mid range video card. Since AMD owns ATI now the ATI drivers work really good with AMD processors. As to whether Nvidia or ATI is best, they have been going back and forth on that for years.
You can find online reviews on all the components, they will probably be your best guide.