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Will wasps attack my blackberry crop? Answered

for the first time ever I have a wasps nest in my garden. they are in an old log in a pile of wood. They are not in the way, and after researching decided to leave them alone and wait for them to just die off naturally in winter. However I have a large crop of blackberries ripening, which I really want and I wondering if the wasps will hone on them when they are ripe. I can protect the berries from birds, but doubt if can protect them from wasps.


What kind of wasps are they.  Most of the time I find wasps much more benefit than the harm they might do to my plants.

Most but not all of them eat other insects.

thanks for replying  I'm not sure what wasps they are, but they seem to minding their own business so I'm just leaving them be.

Does the wasp nest resemble an umbrella?

If so they are paper wasps and are more interested in the nectar.  Off! mosquito repellent will keep them at bay.

drape a net in the area, spray the net and they will stay away.

many thanks, no sign of umbrella, but will definately try the off, which I use anyway.