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Will you sign your username and scan it and post it here...for a super cool avatar? Please? Answered

Hey guys, will everyone who sees this thread sign their username (NOT your real name!) on a sheet of paper and then scan it and save it as a jpg and post it here? I plan to take all the signatures I receive and put them all in one picture. People can use it as an avatar, instructables can use it if they want to for some reason...etc.


EDIT: Yay! I have 6 so far. Thanks, everybody! Keep em comin! :D

EDIT: 10 signatures counting my own! Including a genuine ibles celebrity's!

EDIT: 12 siggies!

EDIT: 14!

EDIT: 15!

EDIT: 18 and counting!!

EDIT: 20 including ewilhelm and canida's!!!!

EDIT: 24!

Can somebody help me get the transparent versions of signatures that have dark backgrounds? ll.13 did his, which helped, but I need help with some of the others. I think you just have to patiently erase all the background away. Right, ll.13?

EDIT: 27 at last count, I'm sure it's well over 30 now, they're coming in faster than I can make new ones. So I'll just wait for a bit to make a new version. And of course volunteers who work on the backgrounds are very much appreciated! Thank you very much guys!


Is this forum still active? I'll scan mine soon, then...

No, sorry.

The signatures all went to make a T-shirt for Goodhart.

I can't believe this forum topic has 799 comments. (Including this one)

Here's mine. I couldn't scan it sorry.


Yea, I forgot this topic was here and I finally found my camera.

It still says Adrian Monk.


10 years ago

Two siggies from me, one regular pen and one indulging my fascination for negative letter forms. Use whichever you like- the background should be pure white. If you have others that need the background whiting out, let me know as I usually welcome opportunities to hone my GIMP-fu. How many is that now?


You're exactly 3.1 degrees Kelvin of color temperature away from pure white! You're fired!

It's probably from changing from the GIMP colour space to Adobe or something equally obscure. I'm pretty sure I whited that out. Oh well.

No, sir, that was sarcasm. And unless you're very subtle in your sarcastic qualities, I'd say you took that serious.

Thanks! We're up to 43. Here is a list of those signatures that still need whiting: Craz meanman hillbilly (I guess we'll just have to make the letters black and edit out the background...) Guyfrom7up coolz (there are some erased pencil marks still showing through) Bumpus Nachomahma rocketscientist2015 Ilikeit teacheroftheways jollex kitewife thejrb Thanks in advance if you decide to do any of them!

Because a bunch of pigs

*cough, Keith-kid, RiddleOf Sphinx, and Skate6566, cough*

were admiring my avatar and talking about how hot it is (it's more than halfway down the page. Near the bottom, under ILikeIt's signature). That really frosted my wheaties, so I changed it so they could not admire it any more.

Huh, who's that? Is she like an actress or something?

And, you need to get a new avatar, 'cause black is sooooo not your color. Srsly. =D

And, no offense, but I used to think you were a guy because of your old avatar, lol.

Yeah, she plays monk's assistant on monk, the show my username is based on.

I know, I'm just really busy right now with the project.

None taken, it's my own fault for picking a male username and a guy's picture!

I thought that was the reason, I wasn't sure though. I hate it when people say those things, it just gets old really fast.

I know...you have the right idea, no-one makes stupid comments about a nice landscape picture!

Lol yeah! Some of them end up saying other things though...

Well, let me know if anyone gives you junk, and I'll flame them! We women need to stick together! Isn't there a group or forum topic for the women of instructables (all 4 of us!) ?

Hehe wa can all flame them! I don't know... I think I saw something like that a while back.... Oh and make that 5! My friend (ShielaAngel, who helps me with my more crazy 'ibles) joined Back in August. You know, I always thought your avatar looked like the lady should be a newscaster. I don't know why but I did!

Yeah, I have always been lucky that way, no one would ever make that comment about my picture LOL although I have heard: "ack ! put some powder on the shiny cue ball!"

here's mine whitened, I might do some others, it takes litterally like 10 seconds using gimp.


Mine, when I did it, took a little longer (#1, I am still learning Gimp, & #2; there was a wide variety of background shades from my camera....was a bit weird).

I tried doing yours, but yeah I couldn't do it. I only used gimp... i think 3 times in my life, lol

Well, I have only had the pleasure (?) of using Irfanview and it was very limited, so I haven't any experience with any graphics programs at all. All I did was to "take" the background white, and I...um, used one of the tools to get most of the grayed out background selected, and another click and it filled it in with the white....well, most of it :-)

Oh, and also Gjdj3 has some gray in one of the letters for some reason.

Can I still post mine?

I know, I've seen this ike a month after, and was so mad, I wish I could've signed. On another note: I saw a cloud the other day that looked like your avatar. lol.


10 years ago

this is mine: