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Win Instructables stickers and a patch by voting in the Wallet Challenge! Answered

Don't have a wallet to share in the DIY Wallet Challenge? That's OK, you can help us judge! Head over to the Wallet Challenge Group, check out the Instructables, and click the "+" sign in the upper right to vote for your favorite.

From all the people that vote, we'll randomly choose 5 users to win Instructables stickers and a patch!

You can vote for multiple Instructables, but for the sticker and patch drawing, multiple votes won't give you a higher chance of winning.


That is an awesome patch! If I wasn't already in the competition I would definitely be going for that. Actually, I bet your could make a wallet out of the stickers and patch. That would be awesome.
My entry: Compact Tyvek Wallet

You can still vote, and if you don't win any prizes in the Wallet Challenge itself, you are still eligible for the random "everyone who voted" contest.