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Windows 7 explorer becomes unresponsive Answered

Sometimes my computer glitches and  I am not able to click on anything that has to do with the windows explorer process (desktop icons, taskbar programs, etc.)  I have tried ending the explorer.exe process, but i cant start it back up again because starting explorer.exe opens an explorer window (my computer, my docs, etc.).  The only way to fix this is by restarting.  Does anyone know how to prevent this?  The laptop I'm on is a Dell XPS L501X (i5 460M, 4GB ram (2x 2GB) NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M (1GB))  I am running Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
EDIT:  This problem got weirder...Now it happens less frequently, but the problem goes away if I open Revo Uninstaller (maybe because the UAC message refreshes the explorer process?).  Does anyone know if that is the reason?


There are a number of causes to this problem,let me quickly outline a few.
A recent software addition is causing the problems, restore to a point before the most recent addition(include major MS updates including win7 SP1)
Open task manager and review your running processes,note any that are using a great deal of system memory(use a process utility to identify possible malware disguised as a legitimate process.)
On the hardware side a failing HDD will cause windows explorer freeze up's and crashes( for me this was the root cause)

Just one more option to look at, install a better file manager than the one windows provides, try Explorer++.

Explorer++ looks good, but i dont think it would solve my problem because that changes the file explorer, not the actual explore (like the taskbar, etc.) but it looks cool. Also, the problem is less frequent now.

To help prevent this you need to sacrifice a small furry animal to Bill Gates and Microsoft, then learn that since you've just wasted your time and made a mess harming a small animal, you could do the smart thing and download and use Firefox instead.
Or just learn to live with it, and make sure your updates are current.

He's not having an issue with Internet exploder, he's having trouble with the whole system. My suggestion is to go buy a Mac, I hear they're super easy to use and don't crash or get viruses, on top of that they look really cool. Mind you,I like linux, all that is what my friend says (we've urged him to apply for a job at the apple store since he's better at advertising them than their salespeople are).
By the way, RE's suggestion for furry animal sacrifice works best with baby bunnies. Hamsters and gerbils don't work too well since they aren't as cute.