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Windows CRASHING Answered

Dunno what has changed on this site but it has become unusabe on my computer. It freezes windows every time I open the page?????????????


Can you edit your topic to include:

> Which browser you are using (and version if you know it)
> Which operating system you are using (and version if you know it)
> Which specific pages you were trying to open when they froze.

It will help the development team a lot to know that kind of stuff.

I'm using internet explorer 8, 64 bit, windows 7 and it happens on every page even this one. everything stops and if I get all "clicky" it shuts down or sys not responding

yup the issue is internet explorerès problem Chrome works fine too

So, using IE8.0.6001.18882 on Vista 6.0 SP1, I haven't been able to click on the site without crashing my entire browser for about the last three weeks. For the last 3-4 days, the entire site works, but each page takes about 30 seconds to load. It's taken me back to the days of AOL!

my IE8 SP3 is crushing down when entering to instructables website
pages are too low carging...
i don't know what's happening with the website...
Please, check this bug, many people is "feeling" this,.....

I gave up on Internet explorer. Try anything else as a browser. Instructables works just fine in Google chrome.

This is a bug we're having with Internet Explorer. We're working on removing the code. It should be fixed in the next release.