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Windows Me Millennium edition Answered


Not knowing why you posted this, it is (bad) avoid it like the plague.


I know one machine with it (sorry, knew) full of problems. It's an OS that lasted about a year before being superseded by XP.

Windows Me was criticized by users for its instability and unreliability, due to frequent freezes and crashes. A PC World article dubbed Windows Me the "Mistake Edition" and placed it 4th in their "Worst Tech Products of All Time" feature.


 Windows Me needs to go to where it came back from, a waste of good code.

The year 2000? Or didn't they get it out that soon....?


 No.. I just think every physical copy of the stupid OS should get destroyed in an incinerator.

If WinME weren't long-dead I might think you were some minor PR agent of Microsoft, but I've no idea why you've not accepted it as obsolete (and bad) yet.


 He's probably just upgraded from windows 98SE (oh god that system makes me want to cry) and thinks Windows ME is the best thing he's ever used.

Jeeze, won't he be ecstatic when he realizes what windows XP is?

The SE stands for Second Edition, where they'd fixed a lot of problems in the first called just 98.


I found WIN98SE to be adequate. After all, what preceded it that was better? '95?!


 Actually considering that I used it for a long time on the first computer our family bought back in 1999, it was stable. The thing that makes me cry was the "driver wars" I used to have with it.

Windows 98 was extremely stable, when ME was released many people downgraded back to 98. Using the same computer ME would crash often, come up with errors etc however 98 ran beautifully. 2000 Pro was a big step up, I used it for a number of years with no problems whatsoever.

Up to a few months ago XP was my personal favorite, in my eyes windows best ever operating system until I tried 7. Windows 7 runs on a same spec of an XP computer with all the shinny whiz and bangs. I wouldn't be able to go back to XP now, I'm so used to the little things that now make computing even easier.

It was one of the better ones, like you say - hit something "stable". I do remember UNIX-type systems being stable in a real 6 months-to-indefinite sense though...


Not good enough - explode, then burn the fragments, then send the ashes into the sun.


That's what should happen to every DELL computer.

I agree. I have to deal with this lovely Indian credit-controller called Niteesha (no sarcasm she is great), but the rest of the business has it's flaws....


 I wasn't actually that old when I first used Me, but even then, I knew it was complete garb, just by using the computer for 10 minutes. Fresh install and it was just all sorts of messed up and things didn't work right on it, even with the proper drivers.

Was the saddest excuse of windows I've ever seen in my life.

Ewwwww, God I hated WinME, install printer, print a page, printer not found, please reinstall printer.  repeat until you say expletive delete this and install win 2k

Consensus on Win ME really sucking then?
Like ME (medical) we don't really know what's wrong, but we know it's debilitating?
( found 98 SE2 just fine, still have a copy) The laugh is where someone I know says his crappy-knock-together system wouldn't work on anything else 'cos of drivers etc........


Awhile back someone posted an instructable on "How to make a USB cord out of phone wire".  Does anyone out there remember this?  I searched and couldn't find it.  Any ideas on where to find it or does someone know the "How to" on this?