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Windows Movie Maker: PLESE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

Does anyone know how to get "tv" results with Windows Movie Maker? Especially graphics!!!!!!!


I use windows movie maker and i hate it....nothing i ever do on it looks professional....like you said i looks like a cheap slide show...sorry....

Guess what! There are some websites that have a bunch of effects on it that you can use for WMM. one of them is called Neo's Movie Maker Portal. Click here and you'll see a whole bunch of visualizations you can download and save. Click on the visualization. A window will pop up. Click open. When the file opens, click on the icon inside of the folder. Windows Media Player should pop-up. watch the graphic, and then click file (if file isn't there right click somewhere and the old traditional menu will be there). Then click Save As. I think you know the rest...
There's also another website called Blaine's Movie Maker Blog. It has new effects and such you can use on Windows Movie Maker. Using these two, I got a vid that's somewhat decent.

I checked out Neo's Movie Maker Portal. and some of the effects are pretty cool...and now i can make half way decent vids....i should really think about improving my content though..lol


10 years ago

Here's something on youtube. Apparently it is all done with WMM.

Actually that reminds me. Does anybody know of a good freeware video editor? There's good graphic editors, but no video it seems.

*cough* use the torrents *cough*

to get a decent editing system. Like Vegas. but don't, because it's illegal, right?

Check the output resolution options, but windows it's an awful program, can i suggest Ulead videostudio 9.0 which comes free with many video cameras...

I want it to look like It's a respected news program and not a cheap slideshow.

Maybe you could try one of those little things at the bottom that says their names?

You know, like on the news where it says the witness's name.

No. That's what I want to do on Windows Movie Maker.

What's this for? Windows Movie Maker is not the best thing to be using, it's like paint. You won't get anything professional looking from it. I am moving into filmmaking, so I got a Mac with Final Cut Express. It's 1000 times better. Even the basic iMovie is better then WMM. As I said, comparing WMM to FCE is like comparing paint to photoshop.

I have a Sony Vegas trial. I heard it's not the best either, but I don't like using it because of all the big words(IM STILL A STUDENT).

Lol, I just discovered that movie maker was on my computer. I just used it to make a video for one of my Instructables. It is so fun.