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Windows that self-close to regulate temperature Answered

I like letting the outside air blow through my apartment, but I also like the temperature and humidity to be in a good range. So I go around opening all the windows when it's a good temperature outside, and then forgetting to close them later. I wish windows could be programmed to open themselves automatically to regulate the temperature. I bet this could save a lot of money on heating and air conditioning, while allowing fresh air from outside to come in. I'm imagining a bunch of slats of glass that can rotate like Venetian blinds that are controlled by bimetallic strips or something :) Maybe there would be two layers for better insulation, and one layer could open to allow more heat exchange but not air flow, and both could open at the same time to allow air to flow. For modifying an already-existing window, it would have to install motors and stuff. Anyone have any ideas about how something like this could be made?


Im going to make a square of netting that will stop insects in a coupple of weeks

There's a patent.

I believe that there are temperature-sensitive windows for conservatories and greenhouses that are controlled by wax - it contracts and expands with enough force, and enough movement, to open and close a window. I think.

However a thermistor circuit and relay is a simple enoguh build...

transistor based would be dead easy but microcontroller would mean minimal experimentation...

Hmmm, good point, plus you could nick a thermostat from a heating system, that way you'd have a pretty reliable and accurate measure straight away, plus they're indiscriminate about voltages...

I much prefer the idea of a passive wax actuator that doesn't require power, though I don't know if it could be made accurate enough to regulate a house. Greenhouses are quite different.

They're pretty tried and tested, all you need is for it to be set for the temperature you like...

Do you have any idea what kind of wax that is?

That's cool. Not so great for an apartment, though. :)

. Jalousie windows with wax actuators?

That's exactly what I was imagining, though I didn't know the word "Jalousie". My apartment is double-hung sash, so the wax method would obviously not work for me, but might be an interesting idea for others.

. BTW, most windows in houses are called double-hung sash windows. See the same link for a definition of jalousie, if needed.
. IIRC, wax actuators have a limited stroke, so they probably won't work well with D-HSWs.
. A bimetal actuator may work with a jalousie window, but it will have to be a rather large one. Lubing friction points with, say, graphite will probably help a lot.