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Wine Bottle Terrarium - Great for homes, offices, studios alike! Answered

Well, i must say, the internet has been rather slow of late, and i have not found anything good to share with you all for a while.

Im not a massive fan of gardens, or plant life, i have a few almost dead cacti on my window sill..

However, this great idea has got me thinking, and would be ideal for my home, or in the studio at work.

Firstly, i love the idea of recycling the glass bottle, a clear bottle is recommended, but apparently the smokey ones do work also.

The main bulk of plant life is in moss form. Which i think gives it kinda a mini landscape look.
I would make a full instructable, but there is not alot to it (push moss into bottle). I also have enough projects awaiting write up!

I would love to see any pictures if anyone manages one.

Via, Lifehacker
The original can be found at Dr Vino
Inspired by the work of Paula Hayes


That's mine. Very difficult to insert plant delicately


I was planing on making a similar moss garden using an old light fixture. Hope to have it make sometime this week....

Nice, i look forward to it, i have this long chemistry condenser i was planning to work on, maybe a collab? Im not sure where to get some moss from..

Definately! A collab would be awesome. I get mine from a small river that flows down through the mountains about 10 miles from here.

We have some woods round the corner, i might grab some. We can talk about it in the room later.

I was thinking of making one too, i could help with the collab

Look what i found at work! GIANT LIGHT BULB! Over 11" long.

Photo 68.jpg

that's a huge one! I wonder what will Edison say if he's still alive :D

Sweet! I have one of those (but not accessible ): )

it's nice. but how do you cut the tall plants??!

This is really cool- I wonder if you could make a sealed biosphere using the same idea.

Ah, I love this!

I have loads (more like two) of old mason jars and a glass vase that I really would love to use like this, with the addition of some pet snails I really want to get =)

Except..I'm really unsure of how to do it & there isn't a good instructable on how to make a snail habitat =( Not to mention I live in suburbia and don't know where to get my hands on some straight up moss.

Well, me and a few others were planning on doing an instructable on it. Maybe one thing we should cover is where to find moss in suburbia!

Definitely! I'm gonna keep an eye out for this ;)

A few years ago, some of my science clubbers decided to make a sealed environment. They were quite slap-dash about it, shoving moss, grass, soil, water from the school pond, a handful of snails and woodlice into a large sweet-jar laying on its side. They put the lid on, sealed it with tape and left it on a windowsill. The content of the jar changed - grass sprouted and died back, different kinds of moss took dominance, and there was a small, short-lived explosion in the leech population - but it remained live and viable for about eight months before it got knocked off the windowsill and broken.

yeah i have seen, and thought about something like that before, i think a moss bottle is a good place to start, and if all goes well, i could create one like that.

You should add in some insects such as beetles to turn the oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Well, i have no need for that with one of these bottles, its essentially a fancy type green house, open to the environment, not sealed.

True. It would be fun to make a totally sealed one though.

i did something like this in yr 4... i think :S (ahh long time back), micro environment. we used 3 1L milk cartons and taped them together. we then made a window in each bottle and filled it with dirt worms and the dirtiest water we could find (only a little bit) on the top we had snails and other beetles. cant remember the plants but i think we may have used grass and moss from random rocks. the result... after 2 weeks the carton leaked and was chucked out ( aww sad face ) but i would like to see what happens

Cool!! I've always been putting moss in bottles.


9 years ago

My question is... HOW DO YOU KILL A CACTUS!?!?!?!? If you figure it out, you should post an ible on it.

There not dead yet... But if they die, i will be sure to post an instructable about it.

Oooooh, I would like to see how you tortured them.

And we come full circle, as it was the accidental discovery of some ferns growing in a bottle by a Dr.Ward that led to the invention of the Wardian Case, which of course ushered in the age of the Victorian Plant Hunters.

Haha! Thats a great little fact! I personally have some old chemistry equipment i intend to try this with.