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Winnie the pooh mental disorders??? Answered

I'm sorry if this offends anyone but i think everyone in pooh bear has a mental disorder you decide put what you think below please =) enjoy!

Pooh Bear: Eating Disorder

Piglet: Social Anxiety Disorder

Tigger: ADHD

Rabbit: OCD

Owl: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Eeyore: Depression

Kanga and Roo: Dissociative Personality Disorder

Christopher Robin: Schizophrenia

What do you think?



Wouldn't owl be Narcissistic Personality Disorder – being excessively preoccupied with themselves. Owl believes that he is the most clever animal in the wood, boasting how he has brains whilst “the others have fluff”

this gone be very cool

The original story was inspired by an orphaned female black bear cub during the first world war in Canada. She was named after the town of Winnipeg (Winnie for short), and the other characters were stuffed animals belonging to the authors son.

Since then she has turned into a he. Was given orange fur and a red sweater and then Disney-fied... and you wonder IF there are any disorders?

Well, almost. As far as I know, the black bear cub was the inspiration for the name of the toy bear owned by A.A. Milne's son. And that toy bear, not the real bear, inspired the story. I don't see any references to the story of Pooh being inspired directly by a real bear. Here's a picture of some of the original toys.

If you read the same Wiki article under the History/Origin section where the photo is shown, it explains that Christopher Milne "named his toy bear after Winnie, a Canadian black bear"...

Exactly. So the toy bear was named (by Cristopher) after Winnie, the real bear, and the story bear was named (by Christopher's dad) after the toy bear.

The inspiration wasn't just over the toy bear. Winnie ended up in a London Zoo and Milne brought Christopher there many times to see it. Christopher had gone into the cage on several occasions to play with the bear cub and feed it (as did other children), and its said that he was inspired by seeing his son with the bear to write the stories. Since then, many have incorrectly assumed that he was referring to the toy bear when he said he was inspired by seeing Christopher playing with Winnie.

I knew the part about the bear being in the London zoo, and Christopher playing with it.
Still it sounds odd to me to say that the story was inspired by the real bear while the other characters were stuffed toys. After all, there *was* a stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh bear, and the pictures in the books look like him, not like a real black bear.

But at least we can agree that Pooh should not be wearing a red sweater :-)

People in Winnipeg what to think that the story was inspired by their bear so that Winnipeg can be known for something other than cold winters and an over abundance of mosquitoes.

Winnie was only named after Winnipeg. I don't think the bear was ever there.

Ah, fair enough! :-)


5 years ago

I think that Disney really messed Pooh up, and anything in which Pooh appears in a red sweater is an abomination. That's what I think.


(Any bets on how many short, big-eyed, furry alien species will turn up in the next Star Wars? How many adorably clumsy robots that can be easily mass-produced?)

I think Owl is narcissistic
I don't think Kanga and Roo have a disorder. Roo seems to be on a sugar rush most of the time, and Kanga is shown baking treats many times.

True but Owl is always losing his glasses this is just my opinion you decide that's what it says on the end

Well if he is losing things or forgetting stuff he would be more likely to have something like Alzheimer's witch is a problem in older people; they tend to forget things often. Dyslexia is a reading and eye tracking problem where the eyes tend to flip back to other words or do not track together. This causes problems such as getting lost and flipping letters putting words where they are not and so on.
As another possible problem he could just be scatter brained.