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Wireless Headphones Answered

Does anybody know if I can get wireless headphones with multiple headphones receiving a signal at the same time from one transmitter? I DID google it, but I only got one useful source, and I figured you... smart... people (cough) would give me some clearer and more focused info


You should be able to adjust the choke on one set of headphones to match the transmitter, if it has a choke.  They're usually a little round cylinder with wires wrapped around and a slot in the middle that can be turned with a jeweler's screwdriver.


9 years ago

I don't see why not- as far as I know they are simple radio devices, so if you had two pairs of the same headphones they should both pick up the signal from the base station. This set of Sennheisers come with one base station and two pairs of 'phones, and the description says "Lets 2 people enjoy the same program in complete privacy, with complete freedom of movement" so I'd assume they do what you are looking for, as would probably any set that comes with one base station and multiple pairs of headphones.

If they don't, take them back to the shop and ask them for your money back or a rational explanation of why on earth they don't.