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Wireless Igniter? Answered

I just recently made a pushbutton igniter system for lighting fireworks. ( a 9v battery goes through a momentary switch then to alligator clips which connect to the two wires coming off a Christmas light with the tip broken off. The end of the fuse goes in there and when the switch is pushed, the fuse lights) It works consistently without fault and I was wondering how I could make this remotly ignited.
I understand that there is a way to just "replace" the momentary switch with some sort of receiver but I don't know where to go from there. If someone has knowledge of how you can do this or can redirect me to a sight with the parts I would need to accomplish this it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for the help


ok i think i have an idea that would work for you. it composes of an electric R/C car that is really cheap. and a switch thing i found in a computer(i found out it is a latching relay) or just a relay). so i think i saw an instructable like this one:

but instead of powering the iniction coil the relay could be you switch. so if you don't want to read that instructable, i will tell you how to make it. first you need a small R/C car with a matching controller.
take it apart take the electronics out. undo the motors that the wires connect to connect 2 of the motors wires to the relay. have that relay be your momentary switch. you could than put it in a box like a project box so all you do it prime the christmas light, turn the R/C car on, and than stand back and hit the controller
if that is confusing or you need a diagram made, just message me.
i hope that helps

I actually have seen that intractable and was thinking about doing the same. It seems like there should be a more direct route like buying the exact parts needed . Also I'm not sure I understand how the relay works in the circuit.

ok well the relay i have, is a electromagnit and when power is supplied to it it pushs a thing which in turn pushs a switch so basicly all you need is a remote way of supplieing at least 3v dc and you could do what you aer trying to. the relay is only going to be in place of your momentary switch.

Oh alright I get it now so the receiver sends the power to the positive and negative wires coming off the relay; that power turns over the switch (relay) which lets the positive current coming from the 9V flow through and light the coil. And the relay I would need would depends on the amount of volts that the receiver from the RC car is putting out (in your case 3v).
Thanks a bunch for all the help. If i get around to it I'll send you some pics of the result.

There are many different types of remote you can use but they all activate some kind of relay circuit to turn on your "momentary switch". Once the device gets a signal, the actuation can be mechanical or electrical. So, do you want the old ACME plunger remote device, voice command or a new-fangled iphone app to trigger your relay?

What I had in mind was just a simple pushbutton switch, and maybe later on I could make a plunger to go along with it. Right now I'm just looking for something simple so I can learn about how it works.