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Wireless Power Answered

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We may be able to say goodbye to power cords in five years, as Intel has developed a system called WREL (wireless resonant energy link) that could possibly run electronics without having to find a wall socket.

"Wouldn't it be fantastic if we didn't think about where the power was coming from and the power was everywhere?"said by Intel boss Justin Rattner in an interview with BBC. Rattner explained that through Intel's idea of "magnetic induction", the power source can be tuned through a resonator, enabling gadgets to receive power wirelessly. The report further explains:

"Power is put into magnetic fields at a transmitting resonator - basically an antenna. The receiving resonator is tuned to efficiently absorb energy from the magnetic field, whereas nearby objects do not."

Of course, there would be issues at hand if Intel's technology breaks through the mainstream. How are companies such as Monster Cable going to fair if this new possibility rises? Well, we'll just have to see until then.

Just how long till someone makes this cheap?



9 years ago

I tried something very similar to this design, but for some reason the electricity would not induce into the secondary coil. Can anybody help me out?

I like this idea. Just park your electric car outside of PNM's HQ or your enemies house and steal energy.

Some minor impracticalities, such as the drop off in power over small distances and things such as electromagnetic fields being used for a lot of things. Tuning it might work but little niggles like nicking the neighbours electricity with a wok and a few spoons could be an issue...

And how critical is coil alignments. Just what the environment needs, a LESS efficient means of transferring power.

I was enjoying making fun of it because of wireless, generally it wouldn't be efficient or useful in most cases, the only possible uses could be having charge plates for electronics, if an ISO were established on the windings and frequency lots of things could be used with it by having built in coils. Life changing, nope and people with those bangly bracelets would have awfully bad days...

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