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Wireless water alarm Answered

Hi all. Hoping I can get some suggestions. I have a water alarm in my basement, when it's sensor gets wet, it beeps. This does me no good since I can't hear it. What I'd like to do, it hack it so that instead of beeping, it lights a led I can hide somewhere in the house. Maybe in one of the wifes stupid knick knacks in the living room. If I just needed to wire the led to the beeper, I could figure that out. But I want it wireless. Any suggestions? Mechanically, I'm good. I know how to assemble, disassemble, solder, etc, but I don't know much about the electronics involved. I'm thinking I can use an inexpensive wireless doorbell as my transmitter and receiver. So, I guess what I need to do, is figure out how to incorporate the doorbell button into the alarm so when the alarm triggers, it activates the doorbell. Then, install an led in place of the chime and hide the whole shebang in something. (If it could also send me a text, that would rule, but it's way outside of my current skill level.)

Will it work? How do I do it?


Sounds like you've thought it substantially.
Q1: is h2o sensor same V as doorbell transmitter? Y? then u might b able to wire 1 to the other directly.

Not same v? perhaps a relay or transistor activated by h2o sensor to complete transmitter circuit.

One would have to have some knowledge of how this beeper works. Any alarm involves closing a circuit to activate the beeper - i.e., "a switch" that supplies the voltage required to make the beeper emanate it's annoying sound. Turn the switch on and the alarm sounds. Trace the alarm's electronics to the beeper itself, and it's almost solved. All you need to figure out is how to hack a wireless device to the beeper's "switch."

What I don't understand is how an LED will help you. For an LED to be of any use, you have to have your eyes open and trained on it - that is, not sleeping, and while awake, not attending your favorite television show, but always watching some knick knack you've grown accustomed to (and since it's your wife's probably holds little interest.) I almost think the doorbell alarm, or several of them, placed in key locations, such as the bedstand next to the bed, right next to the TV viewing area, and in the "reading room," would better serve to alarm you when you need it.

Or you could somehow figure out how to amend or repair why you need a water alarm in the first place, but that's a bit outside the scope of your question. :-)

Thank for the ideas guys. Anubis, the led is just an indicator. I don't need constant monitoring, but if I can look at something once a day just to make sure there isn't water down there, that's all I need. In the area I live in, water in your basement is just a way of life. While amending that would be great, its not possible. Basements in my area all have automatic pumps, but if the pump fails, you get some water. The sensor just acts as a visible alert so I know if I need to go down and look at the pump. When I do have water there, it's not an emergency situation. That's why I don't need the beeper. It doesn't matter if it goes off while I'm sleeping, or away from home. It's just not that big of a deal. But when I get home from work, or before I go to bed, I'd like to be able to just look and see if my light is lit for piece of mind.
Anyhow, the alarm is pretty simple. There are 2 metal contacts on a plastic plate that you mount on the floor, when water accumulates, it completes the circuit between the contacts, and the alarm goes off. I'm hoping it's as simple as just wiring the doorbell button to the metal contacts so instead of sounding an alarm, it activates the transmitter, which would tell the doorbell receiver to "ding dong". I'm hoping all I'd need to do then is wire an led to light up.

You could use an XRF or SRF module from Ciseco Systems. Have a read of some of the documentation on their website.