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Wiring LEDs to Corresponding Switches? Answered

I am looking to wire a lot of 12v LEDs to a lot of LED switches. Each light up switch would light up a single corresponding LED and all would be powered by the same power source preferably. Can anyone help me map out a circuit set up for this? I am making a prop for a film and need the help of an expert!


What is an "LED switch" ? A switch with an LED to light up when its pressed ?

It's a pushbutton with an LED inside, the LED inside is always lit up

The switch has 4 pins but I do not know what pins to connect wire to they came with no map. It is a LED switch that stays lit all the time and the switch itself is momentary.

How does it stay lit all the time, if you don't know how to connect it ? Presumably the LED needs power ? A decent photo of the back of the switch will help everyone. ICeng's diagram is kind of what I would expect to see when we poke it with a meter.

Do you have a meter to measure things, and sort out the pinout


8 months ago

Some lighted buttons are tied to one of the 3 wire switches and can be lit permanently or on when pressed or on when pressed, or off when pressed but it requires the the same voltage as the LED as the switch...

The 4 wire switches do not need the to be the same voltage but can be the same as the 3 wire switch

1] all ways on

2] Switch on

3] Switch off


I see a missing resistor or much sadness :-(

True.... I wanted to avoid L-R to R-L confusion and it never showed the 4wire..version..

Assume a built in "U understood" resistor..


"U Understood" HA HA HA HA HA. I love your sense of humour.

As always click the pic to see the whole image.

We had the same question a few days ago with relays - same story, same wiring, so just look it up ;)